NH16 License to Drive




Adam, Artie, Brindy (Bryan & Cindy), Frank, Gina, Jeremy, Justin, Mark, Martin & Maurissa



Final Standings:

  1. Eskimofos – Gina
  2. Dex-Starr’s Dozen – Mark
  3. Meowie-Wowies – Jeremy
  4. The Real Sharknados – Brindy
  5. Head Crusher – Martin
  6. Sweep the Leg – Artie
  7. Revenge of RoadKill – Adam
  8.  Trump for President – Justin
  9. Triple Point Pressure – Frank
  10. TBD – Maurissa

Last Post Honors:

Bryan (as usual)

Draft History:

  1. Marshawn Lynch
  2. Eddie Lacy
  3. Jamaal Charles
  4. Le’Veon Bell
  5. Dez Bryant
  6. Aaron Rodgers
  7. Matt Forte
  8. Jeremy Hill
  9. Antonio Brown
  10. C.J. Anderson

Events & Changes of Note:

  • Votes held on reducing roster size, adding 100 point milestone bonuses and adding per carry point scoring.
    • All changes were rejected
  • Scoring Settings Change:  NFL added ability for Defense to return extra point attempt for 2 points & Yahoo! by default matched that value.
  • Week 11 Revenge of RoadKill (Adam) and Headcrusher (Martin) played to a 120.25 to 120.25 Tie.  The first Tie in recorded NH history (NH2-NH16).
  • Emergency vote held following Week 16 to clarify Week 16/17 rules due to protest of Commissioner’s interpretation of Week 17 eligibility and final ranking methods.
    • The standard for competing in Week 17 is now anyone that Technically has a chance of winning. (Ratified 1-2-16)
      • The standard of “Technical” won a 3-2 vote over the standard of “Reasonable”
    • Week 17 qualifying teams will now be ranked separately from non-qualifying teams. (Ratified 1-2-16)
      • By 3-2 vote, Non-qualifying teams ranked separately from qualifying teams
        • Week 17 qualifying teams cannot rank below a non-qualifying team regardless of other Tie-Breakers
        • Scenario: Current Week 16 4th place team has technical possibility of winning championship.  Current 3rd place team holds Tie-Breaker over 4th place team, but has no technical chance of winning championship, thus current 3rd place team is given Final Ranking of 4th place and current 4th place team moves on to Week 17 Showdown and can finish no lower than 3rd overall.
  • Mark announced retirement prior to the start of Week 17

Yahoo! Records:

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  • Yahoo! final standings do not necessarily match official final standings.

Other Records:

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