NH18 Barley Legal




Adam, Frank, Gina, Jeff, Jeremy, Justin, Mike, Martin, Maurissa & Mollie



Final Standings:

  1. Sweet Boo-Urns (Gina)
  2. Mike’s Team (Mike)
  3. MAGA – Jeff
  4. Revenge of RoadKill (Adam)
  5. TBD (Maurissa)
  6. MoistMooseMange (Frank)
  7. Boneshaker (Mollie)
  8. Sweet Burns (Justin)
  9. Middle Aged Rage (Martin)
  10. Meowie Wowies (Jeremy)

Last Post Honors:


Draft History:

  1. David Johnson
  2. Le’Veon Bell
  3. LeSean McCoy
  4. Antonio Brown
  5. Julio Jones
  6. Odell Beckham Jr.
  7. Devonta Freeman
  8. Jordy Nelson
  9. Melvin Gordon
  10. A.J. Green

Events & Changes of Note:

  • Bryan & Cindy (Brindy) retired.  Corey retired.
  • Mike became the 23rd member of No Homers.
  • Mollie became the first person to unretire for a second time
  • No major votes were held and no major rule changes took place.
  • Week 17 was not required to crown a champion.  Nor were Week 15 or Week 16.

Yahoo! Records:

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  • Yahoo! final standings do not necessarily match official final standings.

Other Records:

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