NH9 No Homers Goes To Hell



Members:Adam, Bryan, Devin, Frank, Gina, Jeremy, Justin, Mark, Martin & Ryan


Ryan & Martin

Final Standings:

  1.  Attack Manatees!!! – Gina
  2. Furyz – Adam
  3. Doubleplusgoodteam – Frank
  4. Kool-Aid Man March – Mark
  5. NoVA Sidehack Assoc. – Bryan
  6. HOTBOO – Ryan
  7. Zlurbastration – Jeremy
  8. Banana Hammocks – Justin
  9. Dream….Over – Devin
  10. The Dayton Triangles – Martin

Draft History:

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson
  2. Adrian Peterson
  3. Brian Westbrook
  4. Joseph Addai
  5. Clinton Portis
  6. Steven Jackson
  7. Marion Barber
  8. Frank Gore
  9. Randy Moss
  10. Tony Romo

Last Post Honors:


Events & Changes of Note:

  •  A heated disagreement stemming from a commissioner blocked trade resulted in trades being blocked for the majority of the season.
  • Ryan resigned as Commission mid-season.  Ryan assigned Martin as interim Commissioner.

Yahoo! Records:

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  • Yahoo! final standings do not necessarily match official final standings.

Other Records:

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