The Stonecutters Auction VII




Adam, Frank, Gina, Jeremy, Justin, Mark, Martin & Maurissa



Final Standings:

  1. Ovaries b4 Brovaries – Gina
  2. Snort it! Do it now! – Frank
  3. Meowing Zlurbs – Jeremy
  4. Thrash of the Titans – Martin
  5. Your Mama Sucks – Justin
  6. TBD – Maurissa
  7. H2iK – Adam
  8. Ultraman Mayhem – Mark

Draft History

  • Calvin Johnson $46
  • Dez Bryany $43
  • Drew Brees $42
  • Tom Brady $41
  • Aaron Rodgers $41
  • Arian Foster $40
  • Demaryius Thomas $40
  • Jamaal Charles $38
  • Adrian Peterson [K] $36
  • Randell Cobb $36

Events & Changes of Note:

  • Following a large No Homers vote, Stonecutters 7 will adopt the new Dead Team and Abandoned Team rules passed by NH voters.
    • Dead Team Rules were redefined to consider a team dead after two consecutive weeks without starting a reasonably complete line-up.  Continuous Dead Team rules were added.  Once you are considered a dead team, you can return to setting your own line-up, however any time you fail to start a reasonably complete line-up your line-up will be corrected using Commissioner Control.  Abandoned Team Status was added for teams that go 4 straight weeks without signing-into the site.  Abandoned Team managers will be locked-out of the site and their roster will be managed using Commissioner Control for the rest of the season.  All Dead Team and Abandoned Team changes will be made using only players currently on the roster.  No adds or drops will be permitted.

Yahoo! Records:

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  • Yahoo! final standings do not necessarily match official final standings.

Other Records:

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